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About MGC 2019

The International Convention of ‘Akhil Bharatvarshiya Maheshwari Mahasabha’ is scheduled to be organized on 5th & 6th of January 2019 at Jodhpur (Rajasthan) and is being organised by Paschimi Rajasthan Pradeshik Maheshwari Sabha and Hosted by Jodhpur Jila Maheshwari Sabha. The Convention aims to assemble and integrate Maheshwari community on a unified platform to discuss and plan the course of action for piloting our way in overcoming the challenges faced by the community and the society at large in the present global scenario, by identifying our course of action and future plans for being recognized as a progressive society with deeply rooted social values and becoming the trend setters and leaders not only in the social arena but in Industry and Trade as well.

The objective of this convention is to identify areas of social and cultural phenomena, economic perspectives and safeguard the cultural values prevailing in the community fading by the day in the upcoming generations. This close affinity of community stalwarts would definitely motivate all of us to work for the welfare of the community in India and abroad. We believe in “one who dreams most does the most” and “continuous progress is the real progress”. This convention will thus help us realize that there is always room to do more for the community and for the nation as there are “Opportunities Unlimited”.



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About Maheshwari Global Expo (MGE) 2019

Maheshwari Global Expo, MGE is a trade fair being organized along with the convention, under the aegis of Akhil Bharatvarshiya Maheshwari Mahasabha, keeping in spirits with its global vision, at the same venue as the convention. It would be a golden opportunity to participate in the first ever Maheshwari Global Expo 2019 for delegates of the Convention and the participants of the expo.

Date : 4th to 7th January, 2019 Venue : Polo Ground, Jodhpur

The eort at MGE would be to facilitate growth of business and business opportunities amongst not only members of the community but also to fellow businessmen from all walks of the society. The Expo is targeted to act as a platform for providing tremendous opportunities to entrepreneurs for displaying their products and services to a large set of enthusiasts and establishing business contacts for unlimited growth opportunities.

Vision & Mission

The main aim of the Maheshwari Global Expo is to provide an international platform for entrepreneurs, academicians, professionals and government ocials to come together to exchange ideas and knowledge for business growth. With business representation from a vast variety of businesses there would be endless opportunities for establishing business collaborations with exhibitors and representatives from manufacturing, agricultural, service industry as well as advisors to key policy makers and decision makers. The EXPO would also consist of seminars &workshops,networking sessions, paper presentations, panel discussions on emerging trends as well as addressing the present scenario of business. Some of the top minds in international business will be at the event to share invaluable insights in a live and highly interactive environment. The thrust at MGE would be to facilitate B2B as well as B2C relations amongst participants. Putting it simply, MGE is a must to participate because such an inevitable opportunity to seize global business opportunities for one's business may not rarely happen It is estimated that the venue will host potential business visitors over a period of four days from all the sections of the society as MGE is Open for ALL and not restricted to Maheshwari community only.


The suncity of india "JODHPUR"

Jodhpur,the second largest district of Rajasthan, is situated at the heart of Marwar is the place to be for MGE 2019.

The city has a lot to offer–from being the hub of export of furniture and had crafted giftware, to be the largest producers of SS raw material for utensil industry, to be the largest provider of Guar Gum (Hydrocolloids) to the world, to being the printing land for most of the garments being manufactured for domestic or export shipments in the country, to be the largest provider of Lime and Cement, to a few exclusive engineering and allied industries.. the list just goes on. What is commendable here is the zeal and enthusiasm of entrepreneurs of MARWAR to have reached such heights and recognition despite the regional disparities and locational disadvantage. Not to miss are the Heritage Walks in the old blue city, with architectural feasts like the stepwells and other ancient monuments awaiting to welcome one and all with authentic hand smacking Marwari delicacies so craved the world over!! With all these resources.

Jodhpur has become a dynamic economic center. With an upcoming oil refinery we are all set toadd to the growth of the nation besides being a major participant in providing of renewable energy. Jodhpur proudly boasts for one of the largest solar plants in Asia at Bhadla. With countless visitors from India and Overseas each year, Jodhpur has also come up as a great tourist attraction. The mighty Mehrangarh Fort chants tales of Valor & Victory while the UmaidBhawan Palace, an architectural grandeur, exhibits the lavish lifestyle lived by Royals of the time So this could yet be an opportunity for many to explore and attach to their roots and relive the past!


• Air - Jodhpur Airport has regular daily direct flights to Delhi and Mumbai.
• Rail - Jodhpur is well connected by train to major routes & cities in India.
• Road - Jodhpur to Jaipur - 330 km

Jodhpur to Udaipur - 257 km

Jodhpur to Ahmedabad - 450 km

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